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The new "Dealbot" system is currently offered by invitation-only during the Beta Launch for qualified real estate investors.
Get More Deals with Less Work
Discover how our Patent Pending "AI Negotiator" takes the place of hundreds of man-hours a week finding and negotiating off-market direct-to-seller deals for your real estate investing business.
  • ​Get pre-negotiated deals on auto-pilot
  • ​Replaces 1,000 pre-screening VA's
  • ​Replaces 1,000 ninja-skilled Acquisition Managers
  • Best-in-class negotiation strategies coded into the system
  • No need to learn any sales scripts or deal structuring
  • ​Negotiates both cash and seller-finance deals for you
  • Use with any seller lead source and CRM
  • ​Turn your old seller leads into deals with almost zero effort
  • Turn low-quality lead sources into high-quality lead sources

First Deal Under Contract In 24hrs

"We got a deal under contract within 24 hours of installing the Dealbot system into our lead flow and sending just 3 cold absentee owner leads into it. We should net $10-15k on this deal... All this with a brand new Acquisition Manager closing his first deal."
- Steve Hastings, Richmond, VA

Ian got two add'l deals from his pile of old seller leads.

From the weird mind of Blair Halver

Millionaire real estate investor, award-winning marketer, serial entrepreneur, real estate investment coach.
Double your deal-flow or you don't pay, and we give you one of our deals.
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